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Charm Necklaces

Charm Necklaces

Vintage Charm Necklaces

Vintage Charm Necklaces truly show off the intricate details and workmanship of Vintage Gold Charms / Vintage Silver Charms.

They provide a beautiful alternative for  those who don't wish to wear their vintage charms on bracelets for fear of damaging them. At true Vintage Jewellery UK you can choose from our charms and we will make a bespoke piece which reflects your own individual style and personality, click here to see our design a bespoke necklace page.

Vintage Charm Necklaces add flair to any outfit

In contrast to charm bracelets, charms need only be used sparingly on a necklace to create visual impact.  It is incredibly popular now to wear a single, petite individual charm on a short chain or a large, brightly coloured fob charm on a long chain. 

Theme Vintage Charm Necklaces

Necklaces scattered with charms of a single theme – be them gold, silver, enamel, CHIM, or Nuvo – make a fabulous unique statement. We welcome suggestions on necklace themes and are happy to answer enquiries and discuss your requirements and budget.

Choose from one of our offerings or browse our charm collections to create a unique vintage charm necklace of your own with Worldwide Shipping.

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Vintage Charm Necklaces from True Vintage Jewellery UK – unique, hand-selected vintage charm necklaces – even theme necklaces – in gold and silver.  Worldwide shipping available


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