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About Charms

About Charms

Vintage British Charms

British jewellery companies, such as Nuvo and CHIM produced the most beautifully intricate gold and silver charms that date back to the 1950’s. Nuvo was the brand mark of a charm manufacturer from Birmingham UK, which ceased production in the 1980s.   Nuvo charms are collected throughout the world. CHIM was the brand mark of a London based maker who ceased trading early in the 1980's and are fast gaining the same recognition as Nuvo charms.

Each Nuvo charm has the word "Nuvo" stamped somewhere on it in a flowing script which authenticates them and genuine CHIM charms will have the word "CHIM" stamped somewhere upon them in uppercase letters. 

Charms with poor details may indicate newer reproduction charms. Silver charms stamped 925 or Gold charms stamped 375 are likely to be more recent, within the last 25 years. It is worth noting that vintage British silver charms are not usually hallmarked if they weigh less than 7g. However, many are stamped with "Silver" or just "Sil".

Another British charm maker was Thomas L Mott who made silver novelties and charms throughout the 20th century up until the 1970s. Many of the TLM charms are from the 1920s and 1930s and their enamel travel shields are usually from the 1970s and have TLM stamped on them. 

Vintage Charms from the UK

True Vintage Jewellery specialises in vintage British silver charms and has created a number of vintage charm necklaces from single charm simplicity to colourful, individual themes. We are proud to not only be able to offer such a large selection of these rare British Nuvo  CHIM and Enamel charms, but to also offer them in a fresh, fashionable way. We love making the old new again and are always available to answer your enquiries.


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Vintage Gold Jewelry from True Vintage Jewellery UK - a variety of authentic vintage gold jewelry, including lockets, charms, necklaces, brooches and more. We ship worldwide.

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