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 Welcome to our True Vintage Jewellery Company

We are constantly adding new charms to our shop on Etsy

 At True Vintage Jewellery UK, you will find a fabulous extensive selection of authentic, fine English; Silver Vintage Jewelry,  Vintage Nuvo Charms,  Vintage Chim Charms,  Vintage Charm Necklaces, 

Vintage Gold Charms and Vintage Silver Charms

 When you buy from our England-based Vintage Jewelry Company, you are GUARANTEED THAT EACH PIECE IS VINTAGE – not reproduction.

 Characterful, Unique, Collectable Vintage Jewelry

 Looking for a gift to be treasured? Something special for yourself? Browse our site to find a vast array of vintage jewelry to choose from – highly  collectable  NUVO and CHIM Charms,  Lockets, Brooches.


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Vintage Jewelry Company – True Vintage Jewellery UK – ships worldwide

Vintage Gold Jewelry from True Vintage Jewellery UK - a variety of authentic vintage gold jewelry, including lockets, charms, necklaces, brooches and more. We ship worldwide.

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